Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Quick update

Stopped by yesterday and there was a lot going on so I thought I'd give a quick update.

Carpet is in the office, stairs and all of the second floor.  Appliances are in.  They were working on drywall repairs.  They had fixed the two drywall issues, hook and bump, upstairs.  Mailbox was in.

Mailbox - can't wait to change our address, again!
Hallway looking from master bedroom.  The "hook" at the end has definitely been feathered out.
Kitchen and dining room with cabinets and drywall repair.
First floor office got carpet!
I still can't get over the fact that our master closet is so big, and I'm not even a big clothes person!  
Other side of master closet.
Yet another area of master closet.

Grading the yard was done and the landscaping crew was there to work on sod, plants, and seeding the backyard.  (I didn't get a finished picture but my neighbor did message me to say that they finished late last night!)  I'm excited because now they get to water and care for it for a week :)

Just some of the sod waiting to be put down.

Two things I realized over the last few days, I will need to replace the 5 floor registers in the hardwood (they are brown and need to be black on our black floors) and our cabinets don't come with knobs so we'll need to get those.  So now my mind is all over the place trying to decide what's the best.

Home Depot came out today measure all of the windows for blinds.  So I am going in this weekend to place that order!

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