Monday, May 2, 2016

3 days in

Just dawned on me I never published this post! :o. So here it is late.  Originally written end of April.  New updates to come shortly.

We've owned the home now for 3 days.  Thought I'd give a brief update.  Our POD with the majority of our stuff isn't being delivered for 2 weeks, so we're not fully moving in until then.  In the mean time we've moved most of the stuff from my in laws and brothers.  We've still have what we're living with at parents to move.
Thankfully with help from our parents we've accomplished a lot this weekend.

Stairwell torn out.
Top of stairwell.  Hopefully the new spindles will be here soon!
4/6 ceiling fans installed
Mudroom, caused by me with the silly hinge doorstops.
These stupid doorstops have all been replaced.
New door stops!

Bonus room play room has some TOYS!  At least kids can be somewhat occupied while we're moving.  To give an idea of size, that's a fairly big bounce house in the back.
Backsplash has been started.  Andrew's trying to convince me to use light grey grout instead of white.  Stay tuned...
Table and chandelier installed.  Chairs to come.
Landscaping issue :(  I don't want to dig out under the sidewalk so I'm still investigating.)
Picked up 21 of the 24 sets of blinds.  Waiting for 3 special orders then Home Depot will be here to install :)

I'm also trouble shooting trying to get our exterior lights to work dusk to dawn automatically.  Then I'm also thinking about sealing the basement floor.  Still searching for all of that :)