Monday, December 28, 2015

Selections complete!

Update from last week, we signed our production document basically stating no big structural changes can be made.  We also got the price ($600) for putting a utility sink in the laundry room instead of a closet.  Decided to go forward with that.

So today we met with our Sales Rep. and finished up all of our selections.

A bit of confusion on basement windows. We thought 2 were included and we added an egress.  Apparently only 1 is included when you get the morning room.  So we moved that so it won't be under the deck or patio when we decide to do that down the road.  Positioned the egress at the end where we forsee a future bedroom.

Main sticking point came from the driveway. Up until this point everything says 16' wide driveway, but because we have a side entry driveway the driveway is only 12' wide.  Andrew was quite concerned about this.  After talking it through he decided we would live with it.

Driveway Drawing 

All exterior colors were decided. Of course the color we originally wanted was already chosen across the street.  But we came through with a second choice.  I can't believe I forgot to take a picture! 

We placed all 4 light rough ins and 2 ceiling fan rough ins as well.

We also found the local lumber company that sells Timberlake cabinets.  We plan to buy the 2 cabinets and build the gourmet island before we even move in.  I'm confident this will be my favorite part of the house!

Another good point, all the lots on our street have been sold.  So we won't be dealing with too much construction traffic once we move in!

Next meeting will be our preconstruction meeting with the Project Manager.  Trying to decide if I should bake him cookies...anyone who has built before knows you want this guy on your side! :)  Anticipating late January/early February for this meeting.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

And the process begins

Well what was a spur of the moment conversation just over 3 weeks ago is now a reality.  We are building a new home!

We have what we consider an ideal lot in Windsor Estates. It is literally less than 5 minutes from our current location, which we love.  It keeps us in Lakota schools.  We get a cul-de-sac lot, which we've become spoiled with where we are now.  And we get some big trees!  All in all, pretty perfect. The lot is .6 of an acre, so more room for all the boys to run and get dirty.
We anticipate a lot of the woods will be cleared for building, but not all of it!

We've decided to build Ryan's Palermo home.  Included in this community are 9' ceilings, morning room, 3 car garage with openers, granite in the kitchen, 2 ceiling fan rough ins, recessed lighting and brick front.  We have decided to add the bonus room, side entrance garage, hardwood first floor, upgraded kitchen faucet and a few light rough ins.

This isn't our elevation.  Our bonus room extension isn't quite as long but it is wider.
This is our elevation except we will have the side car garage.  So imagine 2 windows instead of the garage door.  Can't wait to have a big front porch!!!

So far we have met with Rite Rug (flooring), NVR (mortgage) and Guardian  (cable, data, security).

1st floor hardwood, kitchen cabinets & granite
2nd floor carpet(and office), upstairs bathroom cabinets and vinyl
We go next week to meet with our Sales Rep and finish selections.  Super excited to choose exterior colors!