Pre-Construction Meeting

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Pre-Construction Meeting Questions

Pre-construction meeting scheduled for 1/25/16.  I am compiling a list of questions to make sure we cover.  Let me know if I missed anything!  I'm hoping to send these to him beforehand if I can. (Didn't happen.  I just didn't feel the need.  Most of this I am assuming he will answer without being prompted.)

· What is the best way to reach you?
· Can we visit the site? Do we have to ask first?
· What's our timeline?
· How/when will you provide us with updates?
· Lawn – What's going to be effected in the back yard?
· Outside Lighting – What is included and where are they located?
· Hose bibs – Where are both of these located?
· House position on lot
· How many outlets are in the garage?
· Dimensions - boat
· What walls/ceiling are drywall ed vs insulated?
· Textured or smooth ceilings?
· Pull out drawers vs cabinets
· Cabinets – Can we make cabinet above fridge flush with the fridge?
· Smoke/Co2 Detectors/ How many?
· Can we pick out our granite slab?
· Hardwood under cabinets?
· Windows & Rough In placement
· Furnace/Sump Pump/Water Heater placement
· Electric box for island
· Fan Boxes in all rooms?
· Location of thermostat
· Location of return air vent in great room
· Location of vent in mudroom

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