Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Final walk through

Closing is Thursday!
Final walk through yesterday went well.  We marked several minor drywall repairs.  There was a hole on the insulation on the garage door that they had "repaired" with duct tape, so they're going to "fix" that.  They're going to repair a shingle that's missing, leave us some extra hardwood, replace a cabinet door and figure out why there isn't a gfi in the kitchen.  The sod is looking ok.  He admitted though that it was supposed to be watered over the weekend but someone dropped the ball.  He's confident it will come back, but if not they will take care of it.  I got a contact name so I can figure out what all of the plants are in front of the house.  We talked about granite and hardwood cleaning.  He suggested a 409 granite cleaner (I've heard good about Method granite cleaner) and Bruce for hardwood (we like Bona better so we will continue to use that.)  He also suggested closing upstairs vents in the winter and downstairs in the summer.  I hadn't heard that, so we may try that?!?!  It's a fairly big house so saving that gas & electric bill will be helpful.  I did get some inside pictures but I totally forgot the basement and exterior.  This was my first go with panoramic mode on my camera, sorry.

House on lot, note spotty sod.
Alex's bedroom
2nd floor laundry with tub instead of a closet.
Adam's bedroom 
Boys bathroom
Austin's bedroom
Huge bonus/play room.
Master bedroom
Master bath with closet in the back and tub to the right.
Officially the dining room, but we're using it as a sitting room with no tv.  Light will need changed.
Standing where refrigerator will go.  Looking at kitchen, morning/dining room, and great room.  Office is the door at the far end.  Island to come this weekend!
Standing in the morning/dining room.  Kitchen on the right, sitting room through doorway on right, pantry is the double doors, basement is the single door, hallway/entryway/mudroom is the next doorway, great room on the left, office through the door on the far left.
Entryway.  Mudroom on the left and powder room up farther on the left.  Considering painting the back of the front door black?!?!

We are starting to plan to get some loads of stuff there this weekend.  At this point we have stuff stored at both sets of parents and my brothers.  So we'll spend the next 2 weeks getting that unloaded.  Also, hopefully get the island installed this weekend and work on the backsplash.  All while keeping the yard watered!
We ordered a traveling sprinkler to try out and see if it helps water all of the grass!



  1. Beautiful! Love your hardwood color!

    1. Thanks! We do too. Rumor has it it's going to be hard to keep clean...we'll see!

  2. We're building a Palermo and we're really curious what you're doing about linens and towels? Seems like the only place for them is the tiny closet in the laundry, which you eliminated to add the sink. Seems like a weird design flaw in this house not having a large hall closet.