Sunday, April 24, 2016

13th week update???

Oh no!  I have lost count of the weeks.  I think we just finished up week 13.  We have our final walk through tomorrow and close on Thursday. There's not a ton to update since I updated midweek.  I do though have to share a picture of my fabulous red door, columns and sod!

Loving this pic!  Storm clouds moving in, but the door, the columns, the grass!
Close up

Not impressed with the lack of watering they did this weekend.  Thankfully we have good neighbors who watered a bit for us.   Hopefully the sod is starting to take hold.

I do have a list of things to ask the Project Manager about tomorrow.

  • Is it possible to remove more brush in the backyard?
  • There's a random missing or discolored shingle.
  • Bonus room seams on the ceiling
  • Can they leave us some extra hardwood? (They did vinyl and carpet.)
  • Crown molding around cabinet isn't tight.
  • Trim around garage is pieced instead of a single piece.
  • Garage door panel insulation has a tear.
  • I need to know about taking care of granite.
  • What are the different plants that are planted?
  • Some random drywall spots to bring up.

Not sure too about putting some sort of protection on the carpets.  We got the base carpet, mainly because of the kids, and plan to replace in a few years or so.  But I'm thinking we should "scotch guard" to help us out a bit.  Any experiences?

We also got the blinds ordered, 24 windows total!  (3 of which were in the garage.)  Still deciding on cabinet knobs and making arrangements to get the cabinets for the island and pick up our table this weekend.  The fridge is supposed to be delivered Friday but I think I'm going to try to push that back a week so the backsplash can be finished without having to deal with the fridge there.  Also looking for curtains for the boys room.  The rest of the rooms can wait.  But with early bedtimes they get the darkout curtains so those are a must.

I went to order our chandelier and it's out of stock! :o  I did get Austin's new bedding ordered though from Bed, Bath & Beyond.  It should be our first package to arrive.
Austin's bedding

**UPDATE - I checked and we did just finish week 13,  AND I checked and our chandelier is back in stock at World Market, so I ordered it!!! :D

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  1. did you ever figure out what to do as far as scotchguard? we are just starting on our palermo and decided to just do the base carpeting as well and were wondering the same thing. (just started blogging as well if youd like to add us)